Specialist Areas

Profound and multiple intellectual disabilities

Support available here incudes assessment and recommendations for intervention and person-centred training for staff. I am able to support teams in the use of Intensive Interaction as a central approach to supporting people with profound intellectual disabilities.

Mental Capacity

I am available to carry out or provide support in the assessment of complex capacity assessments, including giving a second opinion where required.

Positive Behaviour Support

I am able to design and deliver packages of training, support and monitoring for teams working with people with intellectual disabilities who can present challenges. Ensuring that the training and support is tailored to the individual and their team is more likely to result in the principles of Positive Behaviour Support becoming embedded throughout the service being offered.

Person-centred Active Support

As a train the trainer in Person-Centred Active Support I am able to work with teams to help them implement the model throughout an organisation.

Staff support and development

I have considerable experience in working alongside teams working with adults with intellectual disabilities to support their implementation of strategies and interventions and develop their ability to work consistently and creatively.

Understanding Autism

Work here includes assessment and diagnosis of autism, working with staff and families to develop support strategies or delivering training in best practice.